A Simple Guide to an Olympic Party Meal

The heat of the London Olympics has been high, sweeping the people of NYC with a great amount of competition as to who they are rooting for. It’s clear that every channel on the television has been broadcasting the London Olympics and everyone has been tuning in to see which country will win a gold for the 2012 Olympics. Because this event only comes around once every four years, friends and families have gathering for the night to watch the games together, make time to catch up, and enjoy a nice meal in each others’ company. Just like Superbowl Night or the World Cup Series, having good food at the host’s house plays an important role in enjoying the games on T.V. Garden of Eden is here to give you some great ideas on some of the best foods to present to die-hard sports fans.

Jennifer Behm, Master Chef Season 2’s winner, blogs about some of her favorite foods to eat while watching the Olympics that can be easily prepared. The first on her list are sandwiches: they’re easy to make with simple ingredients and are devilishly delicious and satisfying. You can put just about anything you want in these sandwiches, but in order to bring them up to the next level to serve to guests, try incorporating more gourmet ingredients like shrimp and gouda on croissants. Another great idea on fancying up your everyday sandwich is to make finger sandwiches, just like the British enjoy, channeling your own English tea party.

As for side dishes, you can serve just about anything, from fresh salads to homemade chips. One of the best ideas for a side dish is Pennsylvania Dutch potato salad: a creamy yet refreshing dish for everyone to enjoy. Mexican corn on the cob review our last post for recipe is also a popular side to serve, with its cheesy, smoky flavors mixed with the natural sweetness of the corn. Side menu options are endless and it’s always the best to choose dishes that you know will please everyone’s tastes.

Last on Jennifer’s list are sweets; there’s nothing more satisfying than having the perfect dessert at the end of a meal. Make a chocolate based dessert like chocolate crème du pot, or use citrus and make lemon thyme bars, as Jennifer advises. And to compliment these desserts, try mixing up your own original blend of cocktails to really wow your guests.

All of these ideas are fantastic, but you can also be creative and put your own twist to these gold medal worthy meal. Continue rooting for all the players in the Olympics who have dedicated their lives to participate in this world-wide event and enjoy watching the rest of the games!

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Twists on the Classic Corn on the Cob

One Summer time favorite has always been the classic corn on the cob. Served from barbeques to campfires, corn on the cob has never failed to appeal to foodies during the summer. With the buttery flavor on top of the natural sweetness of the corn, there’s no surprise as to why this particular food is everyone’s favorite. However, with the notion of fusion food making its way to a more mainstream audience, people all over the country and even the world have been inventing various ways to cook corn on the cob.

One of the most popular twists on corn on the cob is the Mexican corn. Using ethnic Spanish flavors and spices, Mexican corn has risen to the top in the streets of New York City. This spiced corn is a common street food in Mexico, but it has also taken over NYC vendors. Mexican corn is quite simple to make. All it requires is a well-grilled corn rolled in melted butter, then spread evenly with mayonnaise and sprinkled with grated cotija cheese, chili powder, and lime. You can imagine the tangy spices of this delicious take on corn on the cob.

Another idea for a unique corn on the cob dish introduces the maple-chipotle corn on the cob. Just from looking at its name, it is clear that this corn on the cob is the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. Starting off with a traditionally grilled corn, all you need to do is blend butter, maple syrup, minced garlic, and chipotle sauce to make its sauce. Cover the grilled corn in this zesty sweet sauce and grill it once more to get a completely different and tasty corn on the cob.

Apart from these two very unique renditions of the classic corn on the cob, there is another ethnic take on this dish as well – an Indian version of the corn. Curried corn on the cob with goat cheese introduces the rich savory flavor of India mixed with the creamy goat cheese. With an already grilled corn, add on the mixture of curry powder, goat cheese, salt and pepper to create this delightfully flavorful Indian corn.

With such diversity incorporated into traditional foods like corn on the cob, you can easily spice up your summer meals and make your food come to life. Stay tuned for more fun ideas on revitalizing your meal times!

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Ladies’ Night Out

LADIES! If you haven’t joined us yet for our Ladies’ Night, it’s about time you start! Every Thursday after 4pm it’s Ladies night here at Above Restaurant & Bar. With great drinks and deals, I don’t know how anyone could resist!

Grab your girlfriends and join us at Above for some fun and drinks. We have everything at Above from our Cosmogrante and Peach Cosmo to our Apricot Martini and Wild Berry Lemonade. Our Apricot Martini is definitely a favorite, it’s homemade apricot infused rum with apricot nectar. This drink will have you refreshed and relaxed by the end of the night.

It wouldn’t be a Ladies’ Night without drink specials. Our first special is $5 Martinis, that’s right $5! As if that wasn’t a daymaker, we also have Cosmos 2 for $10. With these specials you and your wallet will be happy.

Whether you had a rough day at work or you’re just trying to catch up with your girlfriends, Above Restaurant & Bar’s  Ladies’ Night  is the solution. Check out our Ladies’ Night by stopping by Above Restaurant & Bar on Thursday after 4 or for more info follow us on Twitter @aboverestaurant and like us on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/#!/AboveRestaurant

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Mac n’ Cheese Anyone?

I bet you never think of ordering mac n’cheese for lunch. At most restaurants it is only offered on the kids menu, plus mac n’ cheese isn’t for adults, right? Think again. At Above Restaurant & Bar they have created a new twist on traditional mac n’ cheese that will have both kids AND adults running back for more.

You might be wondering what’s so special about Above’s mac n’ cheese? Not only are the dishes filled with four cheeses and a parmesan crust, but the pasta is fresh and cooked to perfection. Now this is no surprise coming from Above, but the twist is all in the name. First on the menu is their Mac n’ Cheese with Pulled Pork. Above combined their mac n’ cheese with BBQ pulled pork to add a sweet summer tang to an American classic.

If you love lobster, then you’ll love Above’s second choice of mac n’ cheese, Lobster Mac n’ Cheese. This is an unexpected combo, but it is one to die for. It’s a hardy meal that will satisfy anyone’s stomach and summer cravings. At only $12 and $14, these lunch house specials can’t be beaten so bit into a piece of your childhood and enjoy! Check out everything at Above by following us on Twitter @aboverestaurant and liking us on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/#!/AboveRestaurant

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Kick Off The Summer With Our Grand Opening of Our Patio!

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Celebrating with us at Above is the perfect graduation present!

May is almost ending, and that means graduation is right around the corner for many of you! What other way to reward yourself from a hard semester worth of studying, writing papers, and doing homework by having a graduation party here at Above Restaurant & Bar.

Not only will the food & drinks be top notch, but because its May, the sun will be shining, music will be playing & you and your guests can enjoy each others company outside on our patios!

Graduating is a big deal and we here at Above Restaurant want to make sure you have a memorable end of the year party for all of your hard work you have put in! So this means, all you have to do is show up & let us do the work this time and cater to you

The night will be filled with laughs, and memories to bring home! So there is only one question to ask you and that is: “What are you waiting for?”

Book your graduation party today and let the countdown begin! Your family, friends and school classmates will all have such a great time at Above Restaurant & Bar! Plus, another great addition is we are located only a few steps away from the train station!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to book your special day Above! Please e-mail our General Manager Mario LaVecchia at Mario@AboveRestaurant.com or call 973.762.2683

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MDW, a favorite weekend for everyone!

Memorial Day Weekend, which is usually celebrated with food, drinks, and our close friends, is a favorite weekend here at Above Restaurant & Bar!

Memorial Day Weekend is a holiday that is celebrated on the last Monday of May to honor the soldiers of the Civil War and has been a day to remember all of the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces, and this weekend marks the start of the summer!

Well, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate with great food, drinks, entertainment than to come eat & drink with us! Our outside patios will let you embrace the warm weather welcoming summer with open arms!

Come kick off the start of Summer by cracking open a cold beer, or sipping on a delicious specialty drink such as a Cherry Lemonade, made with UV cherry Vodka  Triple Sec, Lemonade & Sugar Rum. Doesn’t that just scream summer to you?

BBQ’s are very common for Memorial Day Weekend, so while you’re here why don’t you grab a Burger and some fries! Again, Above Restaurant has a ton of different burgers to choose from!

Our Surf n’ Turf Burger, an Above favorite is made with 4 oz. Lobster tail, 10 oz, Burger & lettuce and tomato, and grilled pineapple. For you tuna lovers, try our Tuna Burger, made with Mango salsa!

No, we are not done yet! If you haven’t tried our NJ Burger, you sure are missing out! It is made withTaylorham, cheddar cheese, fried egg & disco fries or if you want to keep it simple you can order our House Made Beef Burger, with Bibb lettuce, Roma tomato andIdahofries, plus many other burgers to choose from.


So throw on a cute outfit, or even somethingAmericarelated, and come celebrate this fun filled weekend with us! As soon as you enter Above Restaurant & Bar, the fun will begin! Come with all your friends or even solo, but either way you are guaranteed an incredible time.

Start the countdown to one of our favorite weekends ever, and bring it on summer 2012! We are ready for you!

1 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, NJ07079
973.762.2683 // http://www.aboverestaurantbar.com/

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